Lotus Ledge

Handmade with Intention
Crafted in Oregon

Life long meditator, Brad Boucher, creates all of our Lotus Ledges by hand in his Oregon woodshop.

Designed for Comfort

Sitting in lotus is a popular meditation position, but is painful for most people. With the Lotus Ledge, we invite you to settle into this pose comfortably. Spend more time focusing on your practice, and less time focusing on the pain in your hips and knees.

Connect from Within

Life is busy. We get it. So when you can take a moment for yourself, deepen your practice, and stay connected throughout the day.

Lotus Ledge Meditation Seat

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Thoughtfully designed and refined over years of practice, the Lotus Ledge allows sitters to maintain an upright and comfortable lotus position throughout the duration of their practice. Hand-crafted locally in Ashland, Oregon and made from top-quality Walnut. 

  • Natural Walnut
  • Handmade locally in Oregon
  • Ergonomic design
  • 22" wide x 11" high